Sorgente Group

Valter Mainetti is the major shareholder of Sorgente Group Alternative Investment (US) that includes Sorgente Group Italia SpA, Sorgente Group of America (US) and  Main Source (Luxembourg). The total real estate assets owned by the funds and the underlying companies, together with the managed and administrated assets– at 31st december 2017 – amounts to over € 5,8 billion.

The Groups works in the sectors of finance, of investment management, of real estate, of construction, of restoration works and of infrastructures. It also controls a company focused in communication and in publishing .

The operative real estate companies, financial and real estate services companies are 70 and are located in Italy, France, Switzerland, Great Britain, Luxembourg, United Arab Emirates, USA and Brazil, with field offices in Rome, Milan, New York, Luxembourg and London.

Among the most important operations one must point out, the acquisition in 2005 of the majority shareholding in the ownership of the Chrysler Building, through the Michelangelo Fund: this position was subsequently sold in 2008. Between 2005 and 2009, the Michelangelo Fund acquired the majority shareholding in the Flatiron Building in New York.

In 2009, the Donatello Fund, David Sub-Fund, acquired the Galleria Colonna in Rome, renamed Galleria Alberto Sordi and in 2012, the Queensberry House in London, sold in 2015. Once more in 2012, Sorgente Group acquired the Fine Arts Building in Los Angeles and in 2013 the Clock Tower Building in Santa Monica (

Sorgente Group