Sorgente Group

In 2001 Mainetti was one of the forerunners of the development of real estate funds in Italy. Shortly after the approval of the legislation regarding Real Estate Funds, he launched the Michelangelo Fund, the first of the 25 he subsequently established. On a professional level, he stands out in real estate finance also on a scientific level, with a course of lessons on Real Estate Funds at Parma’s University, which culminated in 2016 with the title of Honorary Professor for the discipline “Corporate and real estate finance”.

With the purchase of the Chrysler Building, he was an early adopter of the “Trophy Building” trend, i.e. the possibility of investing in iconic properties that retain their value over time. In fact, Chrysler was immediately followed by the purchase of another symbolic building of the Big Apple, the Flatiron Building, and many others: the Queensberry House in London, the Rinascente in Rome, the Fine Arts Building in Los Angeles and the Clock Tower in Santa Monica.

Among the numerous activities there is also the conservative restoration of valuable buildings, monumental complexes, architectural, artistic and archaeological assets, including the Trevi Fountain, the Baths of Caracalla and the Domus Augustea.

In 2021, intercepting epochal changes such as the energy transition and the demand for infrastructure, Mainetti begins a deep restructuring of the Italian Group which leads it to operate in Europe and the USA in the field of alternative energy, acquiring one of the largest photovoltaic plants on greenhouse in Sardinia, and taking on the commitment to restart Condotte, acquired by a branch of the Mainetti’s family.

The construction project rerefers to a book of orders and concessions in Italy and abroad for 7 billion. The works in progress concern, particularly, the Caserta Polyclinic, the highway from Lioni to Grottaminarda, the railway in Algeria (Tielat-Rocade) and the Kuwait RA 200. The concessions concern Metro D in Rome, the Port of Otranto, the “City of Health” in Sesto San Giovanni (Milan), the Bolzano Prison and a participation in the consortium for the Bridge over the Strait of Messina. Employees are 425, of which 160 in Italy and 265 abroad.

Sorgente Group